Costumes for when You’re Fresh Out of Fucks

Last week, we brought you a long list of Halloween costume ideas based on Less than Ladylike candles. As we were brainstorming, we realized that we had a million ideas for our best-seller: Fresh Out of Fucks

So we decided to give them their own blog! 

Obviously, there are many television characters that are the epitome of the Fresh Out of Fucks aesthetic. So let’s start there!

Judge Judy: Our favorite daytime courtroom judge could not care less about the drama you are bringing to her show. She has no fucks left to give for people who try to start shit when she’s there to end shit. Grab a black robe, a gavel, and start yelling randomly at people that try to talk to you and you’re all set to be the FoF version of Judge Judy!


(Raise your hand if you think she would make a better Supreme Court judge than Amy Coney Barrett!) 

Dr. House: Everyone’s favorite TV doctor who would probably kill you in real life is the person that FoF would be if candles could get a medical degree. You’ll need a cane, an orange bottle of pills, and a genuine disregard for individual humans. Also, a medical coat if you can lay your hands on one.


David Rose: People suck and no one knows that better than David Rose. His attitude is the very definition of fuck-free. Not only would a David Rose costume be the perfect way to honor your favorite candle, it would also be a fitting farewell to the show that kept us laughing and feeling joyful through the pandemic so far.  Make sure you dress head to toe in black and white, load up on some rings, and perfect your sense of sarcasm. 


Moira Rose: There is one other member of the Rose family who is the embodiment of the FoF mentality: Moira. From her non-insults insults to her wigs that reflect her mood, Moira gives no fucks in a way that makes everyone think she does. So, if you are a master at appearing to have a fuck left to given when you don’t, grab your favorite wig, a designer dress, some large glasses, and a bottle of your favorite Herb Ertlinger fruit wine. 


Ron Swanson: Everyone’s favorite libertarian misanthrope gives no fucks about what you or anyone else thinks, especially if you have a role in government. All you need is a killer mustache, some flannel, and a glass of Scotch.


If pop culture references aren’t your thing, there is another easy thing you can do to dress up as your favorite, citrus-scented Less Than Ladylike candle. 

Everyone in the pandemic: We’re all tired. We’re all frustrated. We’re all ready for people to start wearing their damn mask. Channel that frustration into your costume and show the world how out of fucks you are for their nonsense.


We want to see your Less Than Ladylike-inspired costumes! Share with us on Facebook and Instagram and show the world exactly what your favorite candle really is.

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