Customer Testimonial: Soul-boosting and Good Natured

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When you get a customer testimonial THIS GOOD, you've gotta share it. Thank you SO FUCKING MUCH, Stephanie! You made me tear up. It seems like your high-level of patience with the younglings is matched by your gift as a writer!  <3, Lianne
Read the following email to see what made my fucking day...
Good afternoon, Lianne,
Long time customer and devoted fan...but I am sure you get that all of the time, I can almost hear you rolling your eyes.
Post-lockdowns, I still find myself working out of my home since my employer's HQ relocated to another state while we were all masked and avoiding each other and mostly oblivious.
I sit here in our youngest son's old bedroom that was promptly pressed into service and repurposed as a home office when he wandered off and got a job and apartment of his own. [I'm not crying, you're crying...]
My point is, this home office used to belong to a teenage manchild. A soccer-playing, workout-addicted, shower-averse, teenage manchild.  With lots of rotting athletic gear and shoes. When my husband and I undertook the task to convert it for work and, you know, make it fit for humans, we started in Tyvek suits, said a prayer or two, and basically had to clean it with fire. The air in here used to be green, and on bad days, chewy.
These days, I sit at my desk in a bright, neat and clean space, and the only lingering miasma of foulness comes from the attorneys I talk to each day in my work negotiating contracts.
As I talk to them, as I patiently listen to a junior associate mansplain my own contract document to me, the very same contract form that I drafted and have perfected over the past 17 years of working here, I gaze at one of your's my favorite scent, "Fresh Out of Fucks."
I can't begin to tell you what that does for me, not only through its light-but-pervasive, fresh and clean scent and warming glow, but also in its message...its affirming, soul-boosting, good natured, "don't take any of this too seriously" kind of attitude. I take deep breaths - and I spare the younglings.
I buy a lot of your candles. I give a lot of them away as gifts because folks are always impressed with the scents and the quality and how very long they last.
But this one - this one is MINE
Thank you for all of the good you do - and maybe even the lives you save.  
Best regards,
Stephanie H
Dayton OH
Thanks again, Stephanie. You're a badass!

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