Fine! I acknowledge that it's no longer Mother's Day.

Did you know that no less than 5 people have let me know recently that the blog was still showing a Mother's Day post? 

Was this a glitch in the system? Was the website broken? Did the email client just not pull the most recent post?



 I just forgot about it. Or rather, I just didn't know what to write about/kept forgetting what I wanted to write about/realized that it needed to be updated as I was falling asleep. I'm sure you've been there.

Anyways! Let's talk holidays!

At Less Than Ladylike HQ, we've been experimenting with tablescapes using our fucking delightful candles and have discovered that they work exceedingly well with fall foliage and other traditional Thanksgiving decorations. 

Our OG-size candles are perfect to pair with decorative gourds. They won't get lost in the mix of your fall harvest bounty and allow you to subtly communicate with your guests with messages like "Fresh Out of Fucks," "Bless Your Heart," or the always tactful "Chill the Fuck Out."

If your tablescape needs to be taller, say to limit interaction with Uncle Bob who insists Trump won the election, you can use our mini trios (either the witchy version or the get lost in the forest version will work) elevated as shown or scattered through your decor. Their smaller size makes them a perfect accent piece, rather than focal point.

And that has been "how to decorate for a big fall meal with our candles," aka "stop bugging me about the blog, Lianne." Stay tuned for more gift guides, announcements about our holiday products, how to mix and match candle scents, AND MORE because I do love this blog and want you to read it more than once every six months.


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