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By: Lianne

'Tis the season for coziness. If I'm being honest, every season is the season for coziness for me, but this season in particular, because it's cold as fuck outside. 

If you're shopping for a person who's happiest in a couch nest in front of a roaring fire, we've got the perfect gift ideas for you.

Some of these goodies are handmade by small business owners and some are affiliate links, but we will only recommend products we know and love! That's just how we roll.

$10 and under:

Every cozy enthusiast who has a tub knows exactly what it's for. Massive mounds of bubbles like in the prefects' bathroom. Gift your cozy friend with a luxurious bubble bar that'll have them staying put until their fingers and toes are unrecognizably pruney. They'll thank you as soon as they can manage to leave the tub.

Milky bath - Lush cosmetics bubble bath

LUSH Milky Bar bubble bar is perfect for that purpose, and it's only $7.95 for a bar that'll get them 2-3 baths worth of luxuriously soft bubbles! It's full of cocoa butter, soy milk, and olive oil to leave them smooth and happy for the next stage of their winter hibernation.

Now that your giftee is contentedly soaking their worries away, knock that spa day up a notch with the moisturizing powers of a handmade flower and root lip balm from Laura's Botanicals!

Laura's Botanicals Flower and Root lip balm

This rosy pot of coziness is handmade and packed with moisturizing ingredients for only $10. You'll find earthy goodness like sunflower oil, beeswax, and hand infused rose, lavender, and alkanet in this dreamy balm that's great for your lips, cuticles, and anything else that needs a little extra moisture boost as the winter chill sets in.

Under $30:

Cozy enthusiasts like me love to get stuff done without ever leaving our blanket nests by the fire. Know what's perfect for that? The world's coziest crafts  knitting and crocheting. You can make something perfectly giftable right from your couch!

Do a good deed (while basically ensuring that the first pair of socks is yours) by shopping from a small indie dyer this year.

Organized Chaos yarns - Forest Witch

Organized Chaos Yarns has some absolutely dreamy colorways that you'll be contemplating keeping for yourself! Forest Witch is a gorgeous merino blend in a silky fingering weight that your giftee will be all over.

If you're looking for a cozy neutral for a first project, Uprooted Fibers has got your back! Find Dark Hearts Club, a super squishy merino blend, in a worsted weight that'd make an aahhhmazing hat and scarf set. For you, of course. Obviously.

Uprooted Fibers - Dark Hearts Club yarn

So the fire is burning, they're fresh out of a bath, the world's awesomest project is underway, and a guilty pleasure Christmas movie is on. What next? A few of their favorite Less Than Ladylike Candle Co. wax melts in their brand new warmer, of course!

Basic Bitch Melt - 2 in 1 warmer - Less Than Ladylike Candle Co.

Complete the cozy ambiance with the rich vanilla scent of Basic Bitch! For the full experience, gift your cozy enthusiast with a 2-in-1 wax warmer for only $20 and get the wax melt of your choice free. Additional melts are only $5 each (and 5 for $20), so it's super easy to go all out and grab a bunch!

Under $50:

No couch nest is complete without the crowning feature, a fuzzy, warm blanket

Amazon - fuzzy microfiber blanket

Literally no cozy enthusiast has ever been sad about receiving a fuzzy blanket as a gift. This one is available in a bunch of colors so you can pick your favorite for your friend. Plus, it's gigantic, so they don't have to nest alone! Unless they want to.

After all that, the only thing your cozy enthusiast could want is a cup of something warm and comforting. Not sure what kind of tea they prefer? Cover all your bases with 24 days of tea from David's Tea!

Davids Tea - 24 Days of Tea

In this giant box of joy, they'll find a huge variety of goodness — all the way from Silk Dragon Jasmine to White Cranberry Bark! The best part is that if one of those blends isn't up their alley, they're very likely to invite you over to share. 

Cozy up to a few of these very giftable treats and make your cozy enthusiast's winter the warmest yet! <3


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