Gift Guide: The Earth Goddess

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By: Lianne

So you're shopping for your earthy friend. The friend who sets intentions. The friend who communes with nature and isn't afraid to let her witch flag fly. Give her the gift of positive vibes with these carefully curated Earth Goddess goodies!

$15 and under:

Any witchy woman knows the value of rose quartz. If there was ever a stone to use as a vessel for all your love and positivity, it's this pretty-in-pink stunner. Whether or not you're a believer in crystal energy, there's something to be said for a physical reminder to help you focus your intentions!

Rose Quartz Cord Necklace - The Raw Aura

This gorgeous necklace from The Raw Aura will fit any budget and fill any soul. Handmade by two free spirits on a mission "to help others find internal peace & external beauty," you can be sure your gift recipient will be feeling the good vibes!

For some calming energy that may just impart good dreams and stress relief, a beautiful howlite bracelet will make your friend's solstice extra special!

Howlite bracelet - The Raw Aura

For only $15, you could grab a matching one for yourself and be that much closer to the $50 free shipping threshold! 

Under $25:

If your earthy friend wants to balance her energy and her skin, look no further than the Ayurvedic herbalism of Bright Body's Ayurvedic facial oils! She can even take a fun quiz to determine which of the three doshas  Vata, Pitta, or Kapha — is her best match.

Bright Body - Ayurvedic Facial Oils

Perfectly giftable minis (.4 oz) are launching just in time for holiday shopping at only $16 each, and the full size (1 oz) bottles are $35! With the help of one of these oils, her skin will glow bright enough to match her spirit.

If you'd prefer an in-person consultation, Bright Body just launched a brick-and-mortar location in Richmond, VA called Bright Body Boutique! Stop in and get the full workup to really glow from head to toe.

Now that she's sparkling inside and out, give her home the vibes she's been dreaming of with our spellbinding bestseller, Witchy Woman. With lavender, sage, fraser fir, and the smoky ghost of a campfire, she'll be right at home. 

Witchy Woman candle - Less Than Ladylike Candle Co.

Witchy Woman is one of those scents that wins people over on first sniff. You may want to order two, just in case you find that you can't give her up. Finish up your holiday shopping with Less Than Ladylike Candle Co. and you'll be well on your way to that $50 free shipping threshold!

Under $60:

If you're looking for a lasting impact in your friend's home, look no further than an absolutely dreamy macrame wall hanging from Richmond artist In Between Dreams! This piece might be my favorite, and it's a steal for only $55 with free shipping. 

Macrame Wall Hanging - In Between Dreams Co.

Whether it's a plant hanger or a pair of earrings, there's a gorgeous macrame piece with your friend's vibes all over it. These beauties range from $10-$120 and they're worth every penny in good energy.

Have you found your new favorite yet? Your Earth Goddess friend is going to have one more thing to be grateful for this holiday season when she feels the love from you!


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