Gift Guide: Your Inappropriate Bestie

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By: Lianne

We've all got that one friend. The one who drops an f-bomb at preschool pickup. The one who'll show you that mystery bruise on her butt. The one who's there for you with a bottle of wine at a moment's notice. We love that friend.

Show some love by showering that friend in gifts that'll make her laugh this holiday season! Check out our recommendations based on price point below and don't forget to share the love in the comments section.

Some of these goodies are handmade by small business owners and some are affiliate links, but we will only recommend products we know and love! That's just how we roll.

Under $10:

Squishy ding dings - 8 pack - bag of dicks

For a quick giggle that keeps on giving, buy your friend a bag of dicks.

No, for real. You can get an entire bag of dicks on Amazon for $9.99 with free Prime shipping. Shower your bestie in schlong for the holidays and she'll never stop laughing.

Under $25:

If a bag of dicks just doesn't do it for you, consider a gift with a little extra love. A Golden Girls mug that tells her how you really feel: 

Sophia is the queen of telling it like it is and literally no one could be offended by a present like this. No one.

This Guy Piper original mug is handmade, dishwasher and microwave safe, and 15 whole fuckin ounces! I have several and they are worth every penny in laughs.

These lovelies are $18 (with free shipping if you buy 2) and can be sent straight to your friend's home for an unboxing she'll never forget!

Fresh Out of Fucks Candle - Less Than Ladylike Candle Co - Tangerine Mango scent

If there's one universally liked candle in our catalog, it's our all-time bestseller Fresh Out of Fucks. With its fresh tangerine and mango scent and its oh-so relatable message, your best friend is sure to flip for it.

You can snag one of these beauties for $16 + shipping. Buy another for yourself for matching best friend candles and you'll be even closer to the $50 free shipping threshold! You're basically saving money by spending a little more. You're welcome. 

Over $50:

If you've got a budget that's a little higher, assemble a whole gift basket of pretty and profane amazingness!

Step 1: 

A gift bag ($4) and card ($4.50) from Emily McDowell. I like these two. 

Emily McDowell gift bag - I don't know how to wrap a giftEmily McDowell greeting card - holiday card gift idea

Step 2: 

A sassy candle or two of your choice! Might I recommend Fresh Out of Fucks, Go the Fuck to Sleep, or the ever-popular Oh, Shit. Those are $16 each plus shipping, or free shipping over $50.

Step 3: 

A hilarious hand-stitched wall hanging from Savage Stitchery! These range from $5-55 and the artist takes commissions (though she's booked through the holidays because she's too damn popular and awesome). These are framed and ready to hang, and would look killer in her house.

Savage Stitchery - Shrill crossstitch

Step 4:

This incredible tote from Guy Piper. While you're grabbing that mug up above, make sure you toss one of these totes ($28) in the cart. Not only is it AMAZING, it'll qualify you for free shipping! 

These babies are handmade from start to finish. She even sews the bag! Best of all? It's got a pocket. Everything is better with pockets. That's just science.

Eat dirt and die - Blanche tote - Guy Piper Handmade

What do you think? Did you find your favorite in this list? Make your bestie's holiday season the best one yet. We can help.


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