Holiday 2021 Product Drop

You guys. SO MUCH STUFF IS DROPPING TODAY! So, instead of a slow leak of links, we're just going to drop it all in here for your shopping pleasure. Check our social channels in the coming days for a highlight of each product.

Gift Boxes

That's right! We made curated gift boxes so you seem like a fucking awesome gift giver without all the pesky hassle of shopping. Check the links for a description of the contents of each.

Oh! And! 25% of the profits from all gift box sales will go to Together Rising, an organization known for putting all funds raised directly into action (not administration) and for impacting the lives of thousands around the world. 

Cozy Gift Box

For that person you will always find under a blanket once the temp dips below 50.

Fresh (& Clean) Gift Box

Saving the earth AND getting great smelling products? Yes, please.

Fresh (to Death) Gift Box

For the nineties kid in all of us.

Manly Gift Box

When soft & fuzzy just doesn't describe the person you're shopping for.

Sexy Gift Box

Bow-chikka-wow-wow. That's all I have to say.

Advent Calendars

Can we call them advent calendars if neither of them are for Christmas? 

That's right! This year we are releasing not one, but two advent calendars. The first one honors the eight nights of Hanukkah while the other celebrates the symbology of the Winter Solstice. Scratch off each day to learn more about the symbol on your candle or melt and its significance to the holiday.

 Hanukkah Advent Calendar

We promise there are no Adam Sandler references.

Winter Solstice Advent Calendar

AKA a list of my potential next tattoos.


Nope. We're not done yet. We've got new mini-candle trio sets to decorate your holiday table! Or maybe we don't. I may have already hoarded them all. (Don't tell Lianne.)

Sleigh All Day Trio

We were surprised when you guys requested MOAR FRESH SCENTS so we delivered with this trio of fresh, cool, wintery scents.

Sugar & Spice Trio

But we couldn't help ourselves and made more baking-inspired, warm scents as well. 

 Seasonal Scents

 It wouldn't be the holidays without returning fave Merry As Fuck, would it? But a potential contender for new holiday scent champ is joining the fight: introducing Santa Baby! This soft, floral, fruity, yet still holiday-esque scent is my new fave so definitely don't order it. Please?


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