Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for Teachers

gift guide holiday gift holiday gift guide

Teachers are goddamn saints, especially this year. For example, here is a real life example from a math teacher friend of mine:

“Today I had a Geometry class in-person with virtual students joining on google meet. Once they got started on their work, I had a pair of kids from Pre-Algebra call in on zoom to get extra help on a lesson they were struggling with. I had a white board propped up on my desk chair and air pods in my ears to work with the zoom kids, while watching over the in-person class to make sure they were staying on track.”



So let’s take care of the teachers this year. Gift cards should ALWAYS be a part of a teacher’s gift. Why? Because, as of 2019, teachers spent, on average, $459 of their own money on school supplies for their classroom that isn’t reimbursed. As much as you may think a Target, Amazon, Visa, or MasterCard gift card isn’t special enough, it’s probably at the top of every teacher’s wish list. 

If you want to throw in something special along with that gift card, here are some Less Than Ladylike options that will put a smile on any teacher’s face.

Books are Magic tee

Books ARE magic! And who doesn’t love a good, comfy tee? Honestly, I’m probably going to buy one of these for myself if it doesn’t show up under my tree. (Noticed a theme yet, DEAR HUSBAND WHO SHOULD BE READING THESE?)


Teachers introduce worlds of magic to our kiddos through their passion for learning and teaching. They should have comfortable clothing that shows the world the magicians that they are. 

Science is Magic tee

Math is Magic tee

(As always, Amazon probably has a billion versions of these and other designs. We love Amazon and will probably never break the Prime habit despite how problematic Amazon is. This year, however, we’re trying to highlight local business and makers so our holiday shopping helps support other people following their passion. So, if the shirts here don’t meet your needs, we encourage you to check Threadless or Etsy before Amazon….but no judgement if Amazon is the way you go.)


Custom candle that expresses your true feelings

Did you know we make custom candles that say whatever you want? We’ve already done a few orders specifically for teachers. We love this “Unmute yourself” version but we’ve also made “Education superhero” and “Seaton superstar” candles. 

You can choose your favorite scent or go with lavender to stick with a soothing theme. Either way, these candles will be the perfect accompaniment to any present you’re curating for the teacher in your kids’ lives. 


Booze barrel-aged coffee & Coffee break mug

While booze barrel-aged coffee contains no alcohol, it retains the flavors of the spirit allowing the drinker to at least pretend they are imbibing before 9AM. (No judgement if you add the actual spirit to your coffee. Remote learning is killing us all.) 

The best accompaniment to your morning cuppa? A mug that reminds you of your favorite 90’s sitcom plotlines. (Full disclosure, a break in no way gives Ross the freedom to cheat. #TeamRachel) GuyPiper has a ton of amazing, pop culture coffee mugs if the teacher in your life is a little young to have strong feelings about the Ross/Rachel will they/won’t they debate.


LTL Tote Bag

Teachers have a lot of stuff. Like….A lot of stuff. Gradebooks. Papers. Pens. Extra pens. Pencils. Extra pencils. Lesson plans. Art and craft supplies. 

They need a sturdy bag to carry it all around. Bonus points if it’s inappropriate. 

J/K. Teachers probably won’t be using these totes to carry school supplies, especially if their kids can read. But! We all love a good tote and teachers deserve a bag that’s a little inappropriate to use when they’re kicking back and letting go. We’ll call it separating your life from your job. 

Personally, I’m partial to Fresh Out of Fucks or Fuck Off, I’m Reading but the teacher in your life may prefer the knitting or witchy themed options. 

Either way, if you already have a LTL candle on your list for your teacher and choose to add a tote, check out the LTL gift boxes that we’re offering to see if there is anything else you want to add to round out the gift!


Stress Relief Aromatherapy

We all need a stress relief break during the day and that’s where this lavender-scented roll on comes in. Designed specifically for stress, anxiety, and insomnia, the earthy, herbaceous, and sweet scent will leave you smelling fresh and feeling calm.

Another lavender aromatherapy option is our very own Go the Fuck to Sleep fragrance roll on. The same soothing scent as our best selling candle in an easy to transport size. (This is another item you could add to your LTL custom gift box.)

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