Holiday Gift Guide: The Clean Freak

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This year has turned all of us into somewhat of a clean freak but we all know that one person who takes it just one step further. You walk into their house and there’s not a thing out of place. Where you’re tempted to eat off the floor because you know you can and you want to freak them out a little. 

Here are some gift ideas that will help them stay clean through the holidays and beyond, all with the signature Less Than Ladylike twist. 

Oh, Shit odor eliminator candle

There are just some rooms where no matter how much you clean, there’s always just a little bit of funk left behind. (Looking at you, playroom.) Our Oh, Shit candle will take care of even the funkiest funk leaving behind a bright fruity and floral scent everyone loves. 

If you happen to be the clean freak of your group and want to encourage others to join you on the clean side, this is the perfect gift. At the very least, when you’re able to visit your friends again, you know their house will smell clean, even if it’s really not. 


Less than Ladylike masks

Now that masks have become a semi-permanent part of our going out gear, you can get them in all sizes, colors, and prints to truly express yourself. Like when you need the lurker at the grocery store to back the fuck up. Or you want to embrace your RBF but can’t because your mouth is permanently hidden. 

Our “Fresh Out of Fucks” and “6 Feet, Motherfucker” masks will let your friends express their innermost thoughts, without having to actually talk to anyone.

Check out Diana Girtain Designs for more patterns and sizes. We LOVE these masks!


Sugar scrub trio

Sometimes you need to spend some time cleaning yourself, especially after a long housecleaning sesh. A sugar scrub is the exact right product for a luxurious shower experience. This trio of scents allows the recipient to tailor their shower experience to their mood, whether they need a quick pick-me-up, a relaxing wind-down, or a getaway without leaving the house. 

The Oakley Soap Co. is one of our fave soap and scrub makers. We especially love her scrubs because they leave no oily residue behind, meaning you won’t have to clean the shower AGAIN after you scrub down.


Faux knot headband no one else has

Any good spring cleaner will tell you that deep cleaning can be just as sweat-inducing as a good workout. No one likes sweaty hair getting in their face in the middle of cleaning out the oven. These handmade, faux-knot headbands are stylish and practical. They’re so adorable, your friend will want more than one so they can add them to their regular headband rotation.

(If you want to be our favorite customer, I have my eye on the “I Remember You” headband based on “The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.” You can email me for my shipping address.)


HumbleSuds all-purpose cleaner

Listen, we all love a good Lysol/Clorox/bleach wipe down. The harsh, lemon-scented smell just means clean. But, sometimes, it’s easier to feel clean when you avoid using the harsh, chemical cleaners that leave behind residues and can be toxic. 

HumbleSuds is a Denver-based duo that makes safe, effective cleaning products are made with humble yet powerful plant and mineral-derived familiar ingredients and scented with pure essential oils. Bonus: They look AMAZING. 

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