Holiday Gift Guide: The Crafty Bitch

gift guide holiday gift holiday gift guide

In case you don’t know, my hobby is buying the supplies for hobbies. It’s very fulfilling, until I have to clean out my craft drawer and then it’s overwhelming. But apparently there are people who actually finish a craft project they start. 🤯 

I don’t know who these magical unicorn people are but if you know one, pick them up one of these gifts and make their holiday extra special.


Felt animal kit

Foxes, hedgehogs, and unicorns...Oh my! These kits include everything needed to create an adorable felt stuffed animal, including pre-cut felt fabric. Whether they want something to keep their hands busy during their latest Netflix binge or just need another craft project to add to their own overflowing craft drawer, these kits are the perfect present.


LTL cross-stitch kit

This isn’t your grandmother’s cross-stitch. Cross-stitch has gotten a new, sweary life thanks to millennial crafters who are making patterns that combine an art form that is thousands of years old with minimalism and curse words to create masterpieces that speak to my soul. 

Grab a wooden embroidery hoop and one of these kits and you and your friends can pretend to be characters in a Jane Austen novel or just enjoy creating something that would scandalize your the Bennets themselves.


Unique, hand-made earrings

Sometimes what the crafty bitch in your life needs isn’t another project. What they need is an accessory that is as unique as they are. These polymer earrings are handmade by a Richmond, VA-based artist and each is a one-of-a-kind pair that gets compliments from everyone. 


Nail polish like they’ve never seen

Smokey Fireside Creations carries a line of nail polish like we’ve never seen. These nail polishes are big five free, cruelty free, and paraben free. They are also the sparkliest fucking colors I’ve ever seen. Every crafter in your life will love catching glimpses of their sparkly fingers as they knit, sew, and craft the hours away. 


DIY...Tonic water?

In my house, the best project is the one that doesn’t take up space when it’s done. Even better is a project that can be mixed with alcohol. A delightful tonic water can class up any happy hour or just add a delightful spin on their goal to get better hydrated. 

This kit combines lemongrass and botanicals to create a tonic water syrup far more flavorful and refreshing than anything you can buy at the store. Just add citrus, water and sugar! Home mixology has never been easier. 


Could You Fucking Knot tote

When the craft drawer overflows and you need more storage or you want to take a work in progress to a brewery, friend’s house, or craft circle, this tote is the perfect crafting carryall. Made from high-quality, heavy canvas material, LTL tote bags are printed with eco-friendly, water-based ink to ensure that you aren’t hurting the environment in your bid to save it. They are also gusseted and reinforced so that you can carry as much as you want without worrying about the handles or bottom failing.

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