Holiday Gift Guide: The Pandemic Baker

gift guide holiday gift holiday gift guide

You know who we’re talking about. Their sourdough starter is still alive. They’ve mastered puff pastry. They’ve gained approximately a million pounds but it’s ok because we all live in sweatpants and leggings now. 

As tempting as it is to think they have everything they need to continue on their quest to be the first American winner of the Great British Bake Off (shut up. It could happen.), they don’t. There’s always more. MOOOOOOORE! 


Anyways, here are some things they definitely don’t have but will love in their kitchens. 


Sugar & Spice kit

Apple pie spice? Yes. Saigon cinnamon? OMG yes! Espresso sugar? YESYESYESYESYES. Vanilla POWDER? *Dead*

The Allspicery has gathered these intense and varied flavors to put together the perfect addition to any baker’s spice cabinet. They can be used to add a delicious twist on oatmeal, chia pudding, pancakes, or the breakfast of champions, buttered toast. 

Roll snickerdoodles in espresso sugar. 

Sprinkle apple pie spice on vanilla ice cream. 

Add Valhora cocoa powder to make intense chocolatey brownies. 

Ok. I have to go bake now.


Queen candle

Sometimes, even the most dedicated baker needs a break. Even the most dedicated baker gets painfully full. Even the most dedicated baker experiences intense sugar crashes. On those days, the Less Than Ladylike Queen candle comes to their rescue. 

Featuring the scents of caramel, pecan, butter, sea salt, brown sugar, chocolate, and vanilla, this candle smells like there’s a delicious pie in the oven even if there is no pie in the oven. It’s a great way to keep your house smelling like baked goods even when you’re taking a much-needed break.


Unique utensil holder

This one is a little bit of a splurge. But it’s just so gorgeous! Handcrafted by a Richmond, VA artists, this utensil holder is unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. It’s a statement piece that’s functional. As someone who definitely has favorite cooking and baking utensils, it would be great to have a beautiful piece to hold them in. 

If this is out of your price range, there are some beautiful, unique creations on Etsy just waiting to grace the counter top of the Pandemic Baker in your life. 


Baking headband

You may recognize this from the Clean Freak gift guide but it’s just so versatile! Kitchens get hot. Flour gets EVERYWHERE. But with one of these stylish and practical headbands, your baker friend won’t have to worry about their hair getting everywhere. Bonus: they’re adorable and can be worn anywhere without obviously being a baking headband.

These headbands are super soft, stretchy, and sweat absorbing, making them the perfect baking accessory. Made out of a modern jersey fabric that allows stretch for a comfy fit, these headbands are approximately 3" wide and have a 20.5" long circumference. One size fits all.



Recipe box

Storing recipes on your phone is great and all but trying to scroll through the recipe after your phone has gone to sleep for the fifth time while your hands are covered in butter and flour is nearly impossible. Channel your grandmother with this handmade, wooden recipe box. It makes recipes easy to save, easy to access, easy to modify as needed, and easy to share. 

The box comes with a selection of hand-illustrated cards and, once those are exhausted, easily fits any 4”x6” index card.

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