How to Rock Candles Like a Pro Decorator

By: Carrie Anderson

Hey there, bitches and bro-tches! (The male form of bitches. Use it freely. I want to see it trending.) Let’s talk about something very important: candles as decor. When you are as addicted to Lianne’s candles as I am, finding new and interesting ways to incorporate them into your home’s ambiance is important so your significant other doesn’t realize exactly how many of them have found their way into your home.

(I don’t have a problem. I can stop whenever I want.)

Let’s start where the magic happens: the bathroom.

Oh Shit Candle - Less Than Ladylike Candle Co.

(Oh, Shit by Sara Green Collective)

When you want to create a spa-like atmosphere in your favorite room of your home, a candle is your best friend. It adds a touch of class in an unexpected place, especially paired with an assortment of your favorite tchotchkes. We’re talking succulents, that stuffed squirrel you don’t have a place for anywhere else, or any cute storage containers for bathroom products (empty candle jars, anyone?). People love an unexpected surprise when they answer nature’s call.

If you are overwhelmed with….well...smells in the bathroom when you are coveting that Insta-worthy spa-like atmosphere, your answer is an odor-eliminating candle. Obviously this shouldn’t be the hyper-floral odor-reducing but really allergy-inducing scents from your grandparents’ house. We’re talking a clean scent that fades nicely into the background so you only notice it when it’s time to replace it. 

Moving on to your best friend if they were a room: the bedroom. 

Classy AF Candle in a bedroom - Shea Eschmann Photography

(Classy AF by Shea Eschman Photography)

Candles are the perfect accessory for your bedroom. They're an easy way to decorate and add a touch of class that complements any decor. (Well, when they’re simple, understated candles with classic script and rose gold accents.) They can also set the mood in a number of ways. 

As you start your day, a candle can help you perk up before you can drag yourself to your first cup of coffee (since a coffee machine in the bedroom isn’t a cute look). A hazelnut coffee scent can trick your brain into believing coffee is just on the horizon. If you’re not a coffee person (BLASPHEMER), a super citrusy scent can help get those endorphins flowing and get your brain in gear. 

Candles can help you end your day, no matter what activity accompanies that end. If sleep is your chosen day-ender, a lavender candle can help ease you into dreamland. (Although if you are using scents to help you sleep, you may want to invest in a melt warmer so, you know, nothing catches on fire.) 

If you’re ending your day on a more athletic note (i.e., sexy sexy sexy times), the right candle can help set the mood. Scents with seductive, more sensual notes can signal to your partner or the person who is just spending the night that this is the zone for bow-chicka-wow-wow. 

And now, for the rest of the house. 

BSNtobe desk - Less Than Ladylike Candle Co.

(2-in-1 Wax and Candle Warmer and NCLEX Then Chill by Meris at @bsn_to_be)


The great thing about filling your home with candles is that you don’t have to change your decor to incorporate them in beautiful and thoughtful ways. You can add them to your mantelpiece to bring in some light and round out your other pieces. You can add one to your kitchen counter, maybe next to a picturesque bowl of fruit, to elevate your cooking experience. You can add one to your home office’s desk to make tax time more enjoyable (or study for nursing school). 

If, like me, you find it hard to commit to one scent for the duration of a candle’s burn time, the answer to your whimsical ways is a melt warmer. A melt warmer in a classically neutral color combination can enhance your room’s decor and give you the scent flexibility you’ve been craving.

If you have other tips for incorporating candles into your decor, please share them below or on the Less Than Ladylike Facebook page or in the Less Than Ladylike Facebook group. I would really appreciate it so I can continue to disguise exactly how many candles and melts I have invested in. 

(Epic stash shot by Carrie Anderson)


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